Message From Hootie & Mary

Message From Hootie & Mary

Dear Montgomery, It is with great sadness that Hootie and I have decided to sell our deli in order to tend to our family. The deli has been an extreme dream come true for Hootie and I, but in addition to the great success that Hootie converted this deli into, there are many unattended items on our list that need our attention. This deli takes a toll on our bod

ies physically but more importantly it takes a toll on our relationships with our families. Secondly is being available to Clyde who suffers with cancer and spend some time with dad who suffers fro

m parkinson’s. Hootie’s health hasn’t been that great and I, his wife and his best friend, need to tend to him as well.

The success of this deli didn’t just happen because of what Hootie converted this deli into, it happened because of the amazing customers, or as we call “friends and family” that were loyal to us and spread the word about our deli to others. We haven’t lost a deli but instead gained many friends. We have interested individuals in purchasing or deli. At this time, we have not committed to any one individual but instead will allow others to make an offer on our deli. Please email Mary at with questions and or offers.

A personal thank you to Clyde and Anna (mom and dad) who came to the deli and spent a month with us to help us during our green stages of owning and running a restaurant. Another thank you goes out to Amanda and Ashley, whose lives and events were missed so that we could operate our deli, and the most important thank you goes out to God. Although we don’t preach to be the best Christians, we know God is responsbile for everything in our lives. Thank you ALL…so much for loving us with all your hearts, Through thick and thin.

-Mary & Hootie