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At Tony's we take the time to prepare fresh ingredients for our customers, with a little love mixed in. Come in and see why Tony's was rated #1 restaurant in the nation by customers on Yelp.
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Our Story

"We were fortunate to buy into to a small business and convert it into a delicacy wonder."

Hootie and Mary Trant turned a little Italian sandwich shop into a local favorite. After running the deli for 2 years and building an incredibly loyal following, they decided with heavy hearts to sell the restaurant in order to tend to their family. They struggled over the idea of it, knowing they weren’t just selling a business, but handing over the care of their customers, or as they affectionately called them, friends and family. It was going to take someone special to be able to carry on the powerful legacy they had begun to build in such a short time. They turned many offers…until they met Lori.

Lori Hutchison grew up in upstate New York, in a neighborhood that destined her to love a place like Tony’s. She would often walk through the neighborhood in the evenings and smell the mouthwatering aroma of Italian food wafting into the street from the homes nearby.

Her love for Italian food has only grown ever since.

So, how did Lori come to take over Tony’s? It all started when a friend of Lori’s brought over a couple of sandwiches. After one bite, she exclaimed to her friend, “Where did you get these?!” After falling in love with the food (which seems to happen often at Tony’s), she called up Mary and Hootie and asked to open a franchise. They weren’t interested. Lori, learned that Mary and Hootie were never motivated by money. They carried a unique quality in their industry – they genuinely cared about each customer that walked through their doors, and their food was proof.

After seeing Tony’s become the #1 restaurant in the nation according to Yelp, Lori thought there was no way she could ever work with Tony’s. But, again, it has never been about money with Mary and Hootie. Lori talked to them again when they decided to sell the place, and they fell in love with her. They knew Lori was the only person who could carry on the Tony’s budding tradition of amazing food combined with family care.


Well, like Hootie and Mary, when Lori thinks about Tony’s she thinks about family and the legacy she is building. Her dream is not just to give people the best sandwich they’ve ever eaten, but to work alongside her kids and grand kids someday. To Lori, it’s more than a restaurant. It’s a family.

Come in to Tony’s and you’ll be impressed by the love and passion for food that Lori and her team put into every detail. You’ll feel like family.

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